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Foody's Carryout and Catering

Welcome to Foody's in Gary IN


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We offer catering for groups as small as 12 call us for more information.

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Foody's Carryout

621 West 25th Ave. Gary, IN USA



Tuesday - Saturday 11 am -  6 pm

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Comments from US to YOU


John Allen Executive Chef-Owner

We open this place to give access to variety while offering a better grade of the local mainstays.   We stick to the classics to make up for what our guest lost when others have abandoned quality for convenience.


Andre Foxx Kitchen Manager

I am proud of our efforts, humble by our success and look forward to making Foody's Carryout in Gary your kitchen for great food as much as it is my place to make a living. Foody's restaurants is for you.


Gloria Ma, Partner-Owner

Investments are made to make money but Foody's was made to make food worth the money.